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I am Michelle the owner/therapist at SSL Massage Therapies. My home-based clinic, is a little tranquil haven for people seeking a treatment in a more a personalised, calm and friendly environment.

I offer a person-centred approach to all of my treatments. You are all unique individuals with differing needs and therefore I strongly believe your treatments should reflect this.   

About Me.

Having been a Paediatric and Neonatal Nurse for many years, in 2016 my life took a completely different path when I decided to embark on a new career. I still wanted to help people feel better but in a more holistic way. I initially completed a number of accredited courses so that I could truly find where my passion lay. From the outset I decided I didn't want to offer everything, I wanted to specialise and establish a good reputation for the services I provide. Whatever I set my mind to, I aim to do it well but for me massage and skincare treatments just came naturally and I knew this was where I wanted to channel my energy and build my tranquil home based clinic.

It was 2 years later, having had some sports massage myself and experiencing first hand the benefits this could have for everyday, normal people and not just athletes, that I then successfully completed my Level 3 Active IQ in Sports Massage Therapy. I later completed a Level 2 VTCT in Skincare and Facial Massage which further enhanced my knowledge and skills for providing bespoke holistic skin treatments and facial massage. However, I have recently changed my business model to specialise in massage therapy and I am currently working towards my Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage. I am also undertaking an Evidence Based Pain Course for Massage Therapists so that I can better understand the complexity that pain is and support people seeking treatments for chronic pain

In my spare time I enjoy reading, going to the gym, walking my dog, spending time with my family and getting my own muscles treated. Sports massage has to be my favourite treatment to have but I also love a good indian head massage to calm and recharge the mind. 

What does the future hold? Who knows? As a massage therapist I am always developing and evolving.

Qualifications & Training

2024 - Present

Active IQ Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy

Barnsley College

2022 - Present

Evidence Based Pain Management for Massage Therapists

Eric Purves Evidence Based Massage Therapy Education


Transgender Awareness 

Guild Training International


Mindfulness Coaching

Guild Training International


VTCT Level 2 Award in Facial Massage and Skincare
Trinity Park Treatment Rooms


Bamboo Massage

ABT accredited

EMF Training Ltd

2018 - 2019

Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Academy



Guild Training International


Anatomy & Physiology

Guild Training International


Stone Massage

Guild Accredited

Inspired Beauty Training



Guild accredited

Mandarin Beauty


Indian Head Massage

Guild accredited

Inspired Beauty Training


Body Massage (Swedish)

Guild accredited

Mandarin Beauty


Professional Standards For Therapists

Guild Training International

Michelle has also completed an extensive amount of brand training over the years with Eve Taylor London, SKINICIAN and Dermalux as part of her continuing professional development.  She spends a lot of time reading industry books and literature, as well as listening to relevant podcasts. She has also completed a variety of training courses within the beauty industry but as she no longer practices these treatments, these have not been listed.


Would you like to work with me to improve your health and wellbeing? 


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