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Bamboo massage is a technique incorporating bamboo stalks of varying lengths and diameters to massage and manipulate the muscles. The pressure can be varied to depending on your preference but this a deep tissue massage.

Bamboo massage promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception and well-being. When the stalks are heated it delivers a sensation of relaxation and calm whilst relieving sore muscles and aiding lymphatic drainage.


By booking you agree to abide by the terms of business and cancellation policy.

To book contact us on:

07443 397529

60 minute BAMBOO MASSAGE - £50

Perfect for a full body deep tissue massage using bamboo stalks at room temperature or heated.

45 minute BAMBOO MASSAGE - £38

Suitable for upper body, lower body or back of body.

30 minute BAMBOO BACK MASSAGE - £27

Ideal for those wanting a relaxing deep tissue back massage to ease general muscular tension and alleviate stress.

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